Survival Skills Examples

When thinking of survival skills examples, one must first consider the things they can reuse. In fact, people often reuse everyday items, such as paper cups, for utensils. Having these skills will make you more prepared for a crisis or natural disaster. Practicing some of these techniques will put you at an advantage over the average person, increasing your chances of survival. Listed below are some examples of useful skills:

The most important survival skill is to source clean water. Natural sources of water may not always be hygienic and may contain viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Practice these methods to make potable water when you are in the wilderness. If you can find a clean source of water, you will be much more likely to survive in a wilderness emergency. If you cannot find clean water, you should consider acquiring some basic survival skills, such as building a fire and a shelter.

Rope. Rope is an essential survival skill that will keep you warm and dry, and it is also useful when creating a snare to catch dinner. Learning to make natural rope will be useful in emergency situations, and you can use plant material such as milkweed and dogbane. Animal fur, or even plastic bags, can also be useful. These items can make a safe place to sleep for a few days. It is important to carry a first aid kit.

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