Long Residence – Indefinite Leave to Remain

If you’ve lived in the UK for at least 10 years, you may be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain. However, you must first meet the English language requirements and pass the Life in the UK test to be considered eligible. Once you have met these requirements, you’re ready to apply for ILR.

The long residence route – also known as indefinite leave to remain – allows you to apply for permanent residency or settlement in the UK, without having to apply for a work permit. Unlike other types of immigration, you can apply for long residence from the UK if you’ve lived here for 10 years. This means you can apply for permanent residence in the UK without fear of being deported or facing restrictions. You may also be eligible to apply for settlement on the basis of your ten-year residence.

For any long-term residence, it’s important to apply early. If you apply too early, you may be denied the ILR application. Using a legal service to make this application will help you avoid this. Your immigration lawyer will be able to review the data that you provide to the Home Office. You must also provide certified translations of all documents that are not in English or Welsh. You must also complete an online application.

If you’re planning to apply for a UK visa, you will need to produce various documents, including a current valid passport, your biometric residence permit, and any previous passports you’ve held during your ten-year residence. Depending on the nature of your previous residence in the UK, you may have to present other documents as well. In addition to these, you’ll need to submit extensive supporting documents, such as bank statements, proof of employment, proof of education, proof of accommodation, utility bills, and travel documents.

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