A French Chateau Sale Ends in Tragedie

In France, one in every five chateaux is up for sale. But if you’re interested in buying a French chateau, you’ll need to know a few things first. First, the prices of chateaux aren’t always as high as they seem. The office du tourisme lists about 45k chateaux for sale across the country starsfact.

While it may seem like the Hornes’ case was an extreme case, the situation is actually quite common. Many French chateaus have fallen on news247 com hard times. The couple’s inheritance, a small chateau, was too much to handle, and they didn’t have the money to keep the property in tip-top shape. Although they loved the chateau, they simply didn’t have the funds to repair the ageing framework, ancient plumbing, and electricity. So the couple decided to sell it. And because the chateau only had a few rooms, the sale was a tragic one.

The fire started in the Chateau’s chimney. Local pompiers rushed to the scene. They were unsuccessful in slowing the blaze, which became increasingly serious. The fire raged into the evening, baffled efforts to contain it, and for a time, the hope of saving any part of the Chateau was lost whotimes.

The Louis-Philippe Museum was founded in 1973. This nonprofit organization has grown since, through donations and fundraising efforts. Sadly, the chateau has suffered another tragedy, the fire destroyed the Guise gallery in the 17th century. As a result, the museum has had to rebuild it. The restoration process took ten years and cost EUR2 million.


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